Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sitting & Waiting

I'm in a reflective mood this evening.

Part of me is dog tired. The other part is fizzing. It's that time of year when the world goes mad for a few weeks, and then settles down again. I think I've written about half a dozen lists today.

To do lists. To get lists. To be done by others lists. To remind myself lists. A list of phone calls I must make.

So I sit here in my upside down house and I contemplate yet more chaos that is to come.

Every year I say "Enough! Enough with the madness!" Every year I get swept right up and along with it.

It's starts this weekend.

I'm bracing myself.

Leanne xx


  1. Oh Leanne, I know EXACTLY what you mean. This time of year - so joyfully busy but also just plain mental. I have written so many lists. If there was a collective name for lists it would surely be a "Gillian of lists", so many have I written this week. A friend cancelled a coffee this morning and I was secretly glad as it meant a few hours of head space that I hadn't anticipated. We need to remember to just breathe.

    What a lovely catch up with your blog I've just had. Take care lovely. xx

  2. I love and hate that mixture of dog tiredness and fizz in the head. I always wonder how everyone around me seems calm and measured at this time of year? I feel like a dear in the headlight, paralysed and not capable of actually starting to work my way down the many lists.
    Funny how everything always falls into place in the end. I really enjoy your posts Leanne, a dose of sanity at the end of a busy day.

  3. I'm starting to panic now. Apparently it's less than four weeks to go. I have a long to-do list, and one of the items on it is "Write Christmas lists". I'll feel more in control once I have lists. I'm a very big fan of them. Hope you have a lovely, if mad, weekend Leanne.

  4. A good list makes the world a little more manageable. Even better if it's written down on some lovely notebook or exercise book :) Love your blog Leanne,

  5. Oh I wish just now, I had the energy to write a list . I am just TIRED xxx

  6. I used to be a list writer and I suppose I still class myself as one, but for some reason I have actually managed to get through the last three months preparation without any lists (well ok there was one or two in the beginning) and somehow I feel slightly liberated by it. It crossed my mind this morning that it is high time I made a list for the month ahead and I suppose I will NEED to as there is just too much to think about without having a trusty list. Beautiful photos, I especially love the first! Enjoy your weekend xoxo

  7. This time of year is all about lists and hustle and bustle. I dont mind it, in fact I love the build up to Christmas, its January that really gets me down. Your photos are beautiful Leanne as always. I do like the lichen ones especially.

  8. Oh I know exactly what you mean - I'm experiencing the craziness down here too. Every year I say I"m going to say 'no' a bit more this time of year but then I get swept up in it all….as you say, it all dies down eventually. Your photos are just gorgeous…Mel x