Friday, 22 November 2013


Hey it's Friday!! The weather here has been glorious. Really. I'm not just saying it. So good in fact we are getting Betty out from her winter home tomorrow, and going pootling.

Regular readers of this little part of me, already know what a twitcher I am. I am Bill Oddie minus the beard; one step away from hanging around an estuary with a telescopic lens. This morning as I walked along Carbis Bay beach, I spotted an Oyster catcher. They are not rare birds, but they have always intrigued me with their red legs and beak. They are waders, and you don't often see them wandering the tide line, so I'm guessing the colder weather has brought them here. They are very noisy, and you hear them before you see them.

He teased me the length of the beach and back again. Every time I got near, he flew off. It was very frustrating! I'm not very adept at taking this kind of photograph. My hand shakes and I never focus in time. So I was thrilled with the above picture. I think Mel from Coal Valley View called it the money shot, in a recent post of hers. It's not the sharpest. But look at that fabulous beak. It's as if he's carrying a carrot.


We are promised more good weather this weekend. There are plans to visit a new beach, some gardening perhaps, good food. Above all I hope it's a relaxing one.

I hope you ll have a lovely weekend too.

Leanne xx


  1. You are lucky, it's been raining on and off all afternoon and evening and bitterly cold here. Loving your money shot :) xx

  2. Those are fantastic pictures I'm glad the bird allowed you in the end to take such good shots. We have a bitterly cold wind here, hope you have fun with Betty.
    Sarah x

  3. That is a beautiful photo of him! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with Betty.

  4. Wonderful pictures. We saw oystercatchers at Marazion back in the summer, as well as a couple of other places. I love them too, there's something special about them. The weekend sounds good. I'll be doing the football thing for three-quarters of it, but the boys like it so that's good enough for me. Hope yours is enjoyable and relaxing Leanne.

  5. I've never seen an oyster catcher before. What an interesting bird, and you're right, he does look like he's carrying a carrot in his mouth! Our weekend has no real plans other than church on Sunday, so we are looking forward to taking it easy.

  6. Wow, he's just like Mel's pic the was most certainly a money shot, amazing photo. I love the description of him carrying a carrot in his beak, pretty spot on! Enjoy your weekend, it is frosty and clear here xoxo

  7. Just wonderful to see some sunshine. We come home from Dubai on Monday and are dreading the cold!!!!

  8. Your photos are fantastic! I sometimes think I miss the sounds of the sea as much as I miss the view, the feel, the smell, everything else. I've said it before but I'll say it live in such a gorgeous corner of our island, you really do. xx