Thursday, 14 November 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 45/52

Helllo lovely people! All fine of fettle I hope?

I have water dripping through the kitchen ceiling from the upstairs bathroom. I'm sipping a gin and tonic and hoping it's not too serious...

My four simple happy things from this week. As always, joining in with Jen.

A Mackerel Sky

Well almost. November has been quite gloomy weather wise. Lots of dull days and rainy days. This was the sky on Tuesday. A washed out blue, with a furrow of cloud. The sun was very bright, not watery at all. And being low in the sky it lit up the grass over the Towans. I don't mind weather - rain, cold, wind. But it was refreshing to walk under a blue sky. Squinting at the horizon.

Little Chef

I bought this outfit from Jenny's stall at the recent table top sale. I missed out on the rather gorgeous Charlie & Lola dolls house and figures (I didn't wade in quick enough). I wasn't sure if Olly would go for it, but the photo says otherwise. I know that he is stirring a hot pan over a hot oven. He's making flapjacks. Look at the concentration on his face. I did draw the line when he wanted to use the oven glove to take the finished product out of the oven. Olly is my most independent child, and I relish it. I am also alarmed by it daily.

Preserve Strainer

Well it beats using 70 denier tights. I bought it cheap, and this week I defrosted some berries (strictly benign ones) and made Blackberry and Apple Jelly. I got the setting point just right, made enough for six jars and it tastes delicious. Sweet and tart with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. I put my success solely down to the strainer.

Little Blue Shed

Last Friday I took Honey on a really long walk along the Towednack Road. It meanders slowly upwards, following the curve of Rosewall, with splendid views on both sides. You can see for miles. The landscape is farmland with houses dotted here and there under the watchful eye of majestic hills. I spotted this little blue building tucked away at the end of a garden. Although it was raining, I stood there and stared at it for a long time.
I've always had a thing about Wendy houses, sheds and summer houses. My greenhouse is the closest I come to one. No-one else goes into the greenhouse except for me really. But who wouldn't want that little blue space to oneself? Sat there watching the sun go down in summer, or hunkered inside wrapped in layers and writing in your journal in winter. I don't remember seeing it last time I walked there, so I'm guessing it's relatively new. I very nearly climbed the gate and wandered over, such was it's call. It may not be mine, but it made me feel happy.


It has been a challenging week so far. These are mainly internal, but the older boys have really tested me. My limit was reached earlier this evening. Things have calmed down now, mainly due to the massive support of my sister in law at literally just the right moment. I keep scrolling back up to the shed. It's picture tells me that I need some inner peace. Or at least look after myself a little better than I am doing right now.

Do you have a little blue shed? Or a place you go to to recharge either physically or figuratively?

Leanne xx


  1. I look at "my" mountain to relax and recharge. I can sit right here in the house and look out the window, or I can walk up the street for a better view as well as fresh air. I really like your photos this week; Olly looks so determined! My kids help cook a lot too and did when they were Olly's age; with supervision, it's a wonderful learning experience and just think of all the things they'll be able to do for you when they're older. You could be relieved of all your household duties in a few years (yeah, right). :)

  2. the sky in that first image is beautiful, my favourite type of clouds (no idea what they're called but I like them)! x

  3. I love little summerhouses and sheds and things too. I'm not very good at distancing myself from trouble, I tend to grind my teeth a lot and get stressed. Sorry you have been butting heads with the big boys. I struggle a lot with my eldest - we really do rub each other up the wrong way. And neither of us is any good at walking away and cooling down. My littlest is an independent creature too, he likes to do it himself and in his own way and protests very loudly if anyone thinks otherwise. And yet he can also be a clingy affectionate little man. A boy of two halves. Your walk looks wonderful. I think I need a dog as an excuse to go out. I dared to venture out for a couple of hours the other morning, but I was not in good books for taking time out of when I should have been doing housework. Definitely need a doggy excuse!

  4. I love your writing,I love your photos but I am sorry the boys and you are locking horns. At least they will always know you care.... Pretty important these days x

  5. I love the picture of Olly's in his little chefs outfit, it made me smile!! I too let the kids near the stove and help and they are allowed to pop thing in the oven, but not take out, that's the rule here. Needless to say its very closely supervised, but I like to give them control. It's a funny thing how kids can be so challenging and sometimes shifting the control and decision making process a little towards them can make such a difference. I'm sorry to hear that you've had a challenging week with your older boys, they are at a difficult age for really appreciating who and what you are and everything you do for them. Try and stay calm and be kind to yourself as you're doing your best and one day, in about 20 years, they will start to realise that, but right now you're most probably their biggest obsticle. I don't want to talk parenting as its a very individual thing, but have you read raising boys by Steve Biddulph? There's also some really good unconditional parenting support on Facebook if that's your thing. Now for that she'd!! (Soz for long message). I just looked at that photo for ages thinking is this your little place, I need to be there right now !! I used to have a little place that I walked to, now I have to use my mind, but it's always by the sea and close to mountains, I need the strength from these forces and I always get it. I think it's so important that we have this little place. I found mine during a visit to Thailand and I stayed in this remote hit on the beach in the middle of nowhere, it's my sanctuary. I hope you have a good weekend and find strength for next week. Be kind to yourself, your very special!! Xoxo

  6. Sorry you're having such a challenging week. I do think you do a pretty amazing job, running a house and raising three boys as you do. I dream about one of those posh sheds, the sort that people put in their gardens as offices with a little stove and everything, all toasty and cosy and mine. But in reality if I need to escape I go into the kitchen, put radio 4 on and bake something. It always soothes me. Wine helps too. :-) xx