Friday, 25 October 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 42/52

Hello lovelies. Friday already. Half term upon me. Clocks going back. Halloween. It's all go.

Four happy things from the past couple of weeks. As always joining in with Jen and her series.

It seems incredible, but I am still picking Dahlias and Cosmos from the garden. The weather has been wet and mild, so the annuals are still flowering. I have fallen in love with these Dahlias. They have been marked with string, and I will be making new plants from the tubers for planting out next year.

It would seem that Olly cannot get enough of crafting. At the moment he really enjoys junk modelling. I can't remember on whose blog it was, but one of you lovely people photographed your children's junk modelling, and made it into a keepsake. I thought then what a fabulous idea it was. I have decided to follow suit.

Yesterday Olly made cupcakes. I don't mean I suggested the idea and we sat down together. He came into the kitchen, opened the cupboard, took some cake cases and sprinkles, sat down, started scrunching up tissue paper, blobbed paint and glue and sprinkles on them and asked for help with the cherries. Me and Karen were quite taken aback.

I have started to learn to knit. I sit curled up on the sofa of an evening, furiously knitting lines of straight stitch in front of  Netflix. I'm not sure if I'm falling further into the abyss of mental illness, or climbing out! I have dropped stitches, there are a few holes and I have realised that it is far too wide to be a scarf. But as a process I am finding it soothing. The boys seem to be impressed and have asked for scarves of their own.


We are forecast storms and high wind this weekend. I am kind of hoping that Alfie's rugby match gets cancelled on Sunday. I really don't fancy being drenched to my underwear. Have a lovely weekend, wherever you may be.

Leanne xx


  1. Wow, I am seriously impressed with Olly's work! I'm so excited for you learning how to knit! That's awesome! I also spend the evening in front of Netflix, only I'm crocheting. It helps a lot with my moods and anxiety so I think you'll find it beneficial too. Nice happies, Leanne! Have a good weekend, stay warm and dry.

  2. I think it's the repetition in knitting and crochet that help with relaxation, even when I really don't want to do anything I'll always feel a bit better for picking up a hook or needles. How clever is Olly, what impressive cupcakes, I love that he has real sprinkles on them :) xx

  3. Hello lovely so lovely to see that you are knitting whoohoo!! Hey if that's too challenging at time give crochet a go, you might find it has less opportunity for holes, and boy don't I know! Love little Olly's enthusiasm for baking aren't they great!! Enjoy your knitting and Netflix ofcourse and I really hope that the storm doesn't affect you too bad xoxo

  4. Ooh, you're knitting, how exciting! I still have the first thing I ever knitted, a strange, hole-filled square. Just practice and enjoy the process for now. I love Oli's crafty cupcakes. My two love a bit of junk modelling too and raid the recycling box with alarming frequency. Enjoy your weekend. xx

  5. Click,click,clickety, click.
    I love,love, love that you are learning to knit!

  6. I love your dahlias, so beautiful!

  7. Wonderful dahlias, and I love the cupcake story, what an amazing little boy. I am so happy that you've discovered knitting, it really is a lovely soothing thing. And every autumn I always feel like it's time to get out the wool. I didn't know about the storms and high winds. I have five lots of football to get through, so I'm guessing my underwear will definitely be soaked at some stage. I do so wish I could find a nice warm waterproof coat for the winter. I never seem to have the appropriate thing to wear. I hope you don't get too wet, and that you have a really good weekend. Keep on with the knitting!

  8. Hi Leanne,it's really good to have you loving your posts and pics- your dahlias and cosmos are fab...I love that cosmos just keep on flowering until the first frost gets them; they are such great value from a packet of seeds-in fact, lots of mine came from self sown plants in my cutting patch and I picked a big bunch of them a few days ago to brighten up the table.
    It's fantastic that you are knitting. I love to knit and crochet...both really are ' yoga for the mind'. I am sure you will soon be totally addicted :)
    As other commenters have said, it really is very soothing...except when it goes wrong and you find yourself cursing at the needles or the hook !
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend...stay safe in the storm x

  9. Hello hello! I had a double take when I spotted the knitting - "hang on, Leanne doesn't knit does she??!!!" That's so awesome! I LOVE knitting. It is definitely one of the most relaxing thing I do. It's so lovely to see you back in this space :-) Mel xxx