Tuesday, 24 September 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 40/52

I'm sitting here feeling a tad tired, truth be told. Olly was up a lot of last night with one of those non specific rashes that children are prone to. He itched and scratched and fussed and cried. I administered and cuddled and dozed and took deep steadying breaths. Even after sixteen years of parenthood, I am just no good with broken sleep. It's something one never gets used to, don't you think? I crave a return to weekend lie ins, and waking up, you know, when I wake up. Not sitting bolt upright to the alarm or cries from Olly's bedroom. The joys of it all!

My simple happy things from this week. As always joining in with Jen.

Sloe Gin

An alcoholic happy (hic). If you happen to have Sloes near you, I insist you make Sloe Gin. So easy, and it will be ready for Christmas tippling. Follow this recipe. You too will be as happy as me throughout the festive season. Cheers!

Balance Bike

Olly had his balance bike for his third birthday. It's a great thing. The idea is that he will find riding a regular bike easier to master, because he can already balance himself. You should see him go. I love watching him on it. He rides it to nursery and to Auntie Karen's. We have taken it camping with us and he has zoomed around camp sites on it.

Autumn Shades

At this time of year I annoy my husband by bringing in armfuls of hedgerow plants and displaying them around the house. These are Cow Parsley that have dried in the summer sun. I took this picture this morning as the Autumn sunshine was filtering through the blinds. I love the technicolour of summer, but the earthy colours of Autumn are welcome now.

Another Nature Hunt

With Olly. I can never get enough of these. I hold my time with him to my heart.

And that was the happy!

Leanne xx


  1. Oh...what you said about Olly...that's so lovely. And I know just what you mean. Hold them close.

    The cow parsley looks amazing dried. I wish I'd saved some and dried it now. xx

  2. Sorry your little man has been under the weather. I know what you mean about broken sleep, it puts your whole day out I think. I clung to my time with my littlest boy before he had to go off to school. I hated sending him, I do still miss him so much. They go too soon, far too soon. My little chap had a balance bike, and on his fifth birthday when he had an ordinary bike, he just got on and pedaled off.

  3. Both of mine started with balance bikes and they worked great for teaching them. They rode regular bikes in no time and never needed training wheels.

  4. Poor little chap! I can still remember the sleepless nights from when the kids were little, but good news Leanne, it stands you in good stead for when the menopause hits and you get even more sleepless nights but for reasons you dont know!!!! Seriously, it will pass and your mind does dim as to how bad it is.I hope he is better soon X

  5. ooo the recipe!! Hicc! fab need some sloes now! sleep deprivation....well dont get me started, with a child with SMS then i have to say yes you do get used to it.....2 hours a night was normal for about 5 years...getting better i get oooo at least 5 hours completely broken sleep now! lol i beat anybody on the sleep deprivation front, smith magenis syndrome parents are the champions of life and no sleep xxxxx

  6. Some very lovely happies Leanne. I especially love the photo's of your hedgerow plants that you have brought in and yes there is nothing more special than the time we have with our little ones. It all goes too quick! We had balance bikes for both of ours and I think they are amazing. Josh had a ridgeback and as soon as he got on his big bike, he could ride it, we were in awe!! Hope Olly has heaps of fun with his. I wish I new you were after one as we have one sitting in our shed!! Hope you have a good nights rest soon and little Olly gets better. xoxo