Thursday, 1 August 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 33/52


Back with the happy. As always joining in with Jen

New bread bin. Well new to me. Bargain buy. The boys are already complaining that it's too big. It fits two loaves of bread, a packet of naan bread, crumpets and pittas. It is a bread Tardis, and I love it. 

Another Amazon order. My book group read at the top, and two books full of gorgeousness below.  

I have revived a raised trug that was affected by the recent heatwave. I bought some three for two bedding packs from the garden centre, for an instant colour hit. The Asters will flower into November. I also planted Cosmos, Nicotania and Hesperis. 

I am a sad ass, because I have picked up these little seed envelopes on and off at the garden centre, but not put them in my basket. I finally succumbed yesterday. I shall have many hours of fun gathering and storing seed for next Spring. And maybe as little gifts for lovely people....

The Globe Thistle plant has tripled in size this year. It is a mecca for bees. I think it's rather beautiful.

A rather garden heavy happy post for the week!

We are off to Camp Bestival tomorrow morning. I can't wait. Betty is mostly packed. I am about to bake treats to take with us. Life is good.

Have a lovely weekend with you and yours.

Leanne xx


  1. Have a wonderful time! I love all of your happies; I would enjoy any of those books and I love your new bread box. Indeed, it is a bread Tardis if ever there was one. :)

  2. Our bread bin is just like that but with bigger black writing. It is like a Tardis! I think there's some malt loaf lurking in there, I must check it out!

    Have a good time at Camp Bestival! I hope the weather stays good for you. Enjoy Mark Owen from Take Take - I keep getting emails telling me here's there. He was playing near me back in June but it was on a Thursday and I was up to my eyes in stuff for school. Next time!

    Have fun! xx

  3. I've got one of those bins but mine is round with blue letters so I suppose, I have not got one of those or not one exactly like! Ramble ramble ramble..:) Hope you have a great time at Camp Bestival and that the weather is kind! x

  4. A lovely gardeny post, you do have green fingers Leanne, and I love that you love it. Hope you all have a wonderful time at Camp Bestival.

  5. Have a great time! I love that Thistle, so beautiful! How did you find Cherry Menlove's book? It's one on my list to buy. :)

  6. Love your breadbin, we have a similar one which you might have seen before its green and I love the fact that you can fit so much into it definitely suits us. Those books look fab. Love little parcels like that. Let me know what you make of your bookclub read as I'm always interested to know which books to read next. Seed bags, not sad but essential. A friend gave me a little seed box with bags and I can't wait to start filling them. I use to always do it for dad when I was young to get a little pocket money. Pleased to hear you planted some cosmos, needless to say I love them. Enjoy camp bestival. Have finally gotten around to the Liebster post, thanks again for the kind nomination, you're very lovely xoxo

  7. Have fun at Camp Bestival, how cool. You know you'll have loads of fun filling and labeling those seed packets...

    Thanks for your comment. Not stalkerish or weird - just very nice! :-) xx

  8. Have a wonderful time Leanne! I always look at those seed packets too but end up using envelopes and forgetting to label them!