Monday, 17 June 2013

Full steam ahead

Hello to you all this, well, miserable morning. Thank you for all your lovely comments on recent posts. I have calmed down about the local school. I put my faith in a trouble shooting head who comes with an excellent calibre, and who will no doubt see the wood for the trees very quickly. And hello to all of you that have pressed the follow button. It's ridiculous how happy it makes me, that you care to hang around!!


Busy weekend? Father's Day go with a bang? We don't go in for huge gifts and declarations here. A lie-in and a bar of chocolate from the boys is enough. Although Sam had to replace the bar of Toblerone, having eaten it all while our backs were turned. That boy is a lanky one man plague of locusts.

chocolate for breakfast? Don't mind if I do.

So... surf school, coffee and a catch up, road trip in Betty, lots of steam engines and machinery from days of yore (stifles yawn), an exciting turn of events (which I am desperate to talk about but can't. Not yet anyway), drinks with my sister in law, walking home in zig zag formation, up with the lark, laundry, ironing, so much ironing, rain, wind, rescuing plants, feeling sorry for bedraggled chickens, but also alarmed at their stupidity of sitting and shivering in the wet when there is a perfectly good shelter for them both, curry for tea, watching Luther and then being too scared to put the refuse bin out.

That just about sums up our weekend I think. Actually the steam stuff wasn't so bad. I got a huge kick out of seeing Olly's face when he saw the steam train, and his trepidation turn to excitement when we went for a ride. I loved hanging out in Betty, eating hot dogs and reading my book, while the kids did the same. For once, no photos were taken. How remiss of me.

Once again the weather dictates our lives to a greater extent. The wind has played havoc in the garden. Everything looking rather bedraggled and sorry for itself. Even though I have staked and tied, some of the Alium heads have been snapped off. The Sweet Peas keep toppling over, and there are bruised petals everywhere. I hope we get some more sunshine, so that I can enjoy what is happening in the garden more. So that we all can. The colours are changing. The blue and purple tones of Spring are slowly being replaced by hotter colours. There are orange, purple, yellow, red and pink hues everywhere. The vegetables are robust and strong this year. They at least have benefited from the rain.

Today I am twitchy and excited. I can't seem to settle on any given task. Even this blog post is dis-jointed and aimless. My mind is elsewhere. It is looking to the future. Our family future. I know I am being cryptic, and I really am not one to tease. But can I ask you all to keep your fingers crossed for us this week. I know I'm not saying why, but if I know there are others out there rooting for us, it may make ll the difference!

Leanne xx


  1. Hope whatever you want to happen happens! X

  2. Good luck, hope everything turns out just right. I know what you mean about steam engines and things; I see things in a different light now I have boys. I play football and do all sorts of boy things I would never have done otherwise. And I do kind of enjoy them. Your garden looks wonderful, and quite advanced compared to mine. I think I was late planting things out this year. Hope you have a lovely week.

  3. All is crossed here for your dear, even my toes! Hope it all works out. Hope this is a good week for you!! Xo