Thursday, 13 June 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 27/52

Hello to you all. Bit windy, but sunny here in St Ives. My plans revolved around Crocs shopping for Olly (he wanted pink ones. I baulked. He has bright blue) and taking Sam to and from school in Penzance. Oh and reading St Ives Senior School's Offsted report. The school has been put into special measures, citing inadequate teaching as one of the factors.

Alfie will be starting the school in September. On the one hand, it should mean that the school will get the shove it needs, and the children living in St Ives and the surrounding areas will have access to an acceptable standard of education. The children here deserve nothing less. Cornwall is one of the poorest regions of the UK. Wages are low, unemployment high. We all know education is a way out of poverty.

I'm trying not to sound too melodramatic here. I'm trying to see the positive. My hope is that Alfie will benefit from this. He is flying out of Junior school. I want him to continue. He is a bright lad. The senior school should be able to nurture him further. Not stop it dead.


See, once more I digress. Happy things from this week. As always, joining in with Jen.

New Trug

Marc built me this beautiful trug at the weekend. I have planted all the Dahlias that I have been growing on in the greenhouse. I've put some Snapdragons and Lobelia in too. I'm not sure whether to pack anything else in. I'll plant bulbs in the winter for next Spring. I was thinking of loads of Tulips. It needs to be given a wash of paint, but I'm super chuffed!

Flip Flops

Pink flip flops! (Perhaps that's why Olly wanted pink crocs). I usually go for black or brown. Perhaps I'm having a crisis. Oh and sandy feet. No nail polish. No pedicure. Sorry about that.

Enjoying A Moment

Firstly apologies that you have to turn you or your computer sideways to watch this. I don't know how to rotate it. Any help or suggestions will be gratefully received. This was a moment yesterday. Olly was cutting and sticking. I was watching his ability with the scissors. His concentration. His enjoyment. I just sat back and smiled.


For Camp Besstival. Sooooo excited. Me, Marc, Alfie and Olly. This is going to be such an adventure. I'm particularly looking forward to Mr Tumble. Sad but true.

A long time ago, I went to festivals with the name Glastonbury in them. I watched Paul Weller, Lenny Kravitz, The Beatie Boys, Peter Gabriel and so many more. I drank Red Stripe at 11am. I wore very short shorts. I sat down in a dusty tent ready to have my nose pierced. I may have indulged in other things too (my memory is rather slective about this). Aaah those hedonistic days of my youth.....

Happy things. And a trip down amnesia lane. Two for the price of one. Can't be bad.

Leanne xx


  1. Haha...I used to go to those festivals too. Oh boy. I once got kicked in the head in a mosh pit. And here I sit today, prim and proper. :P I love your new flip flops. I have never had a pedicure at all, don't worry. I've only polished my toenails once. Your feet look gorgeous compared to mine.

  2. Mr youngest grandson loves him.(actually I think he's pretty good too)

  3. LOVE the video of Olly!! He's adorable, and how nice to hear your voice too. Love your flip flops, I have a pair of those and live in them in the summer, they're so comfy. And the festival - how exciting! x

  4. Hi Leanne - loving following you at present as I'm planning a holiday in Cornwall and your pictures are stunning. Also interested in your experiences as a mum of a teenager and a pre-school child: quite a challenge!

  5. Do you have a NZer yet my lover?

  6. I LOVE the video clip.....absolutely adorable. I smiled the whole way through, too cute. I expected you to have a British accent but it always throws me when I hear it.

    I live in my black havaianas. In fact, I think I still have suntan marks on my feet from summer :-)

  7. Love the video of Olly he was doing a good job with the cutting. Your dahlia border looks fantastic too.
    I'm sure you will have a great time at Besstival although it won't be the same of those of your youth. It is held in a lovely setting too.
    Sarah x

  8. Wow festival sounds amazing. Very jealous that you got to see Lenny as he cancelled in us due to poor health. Xo