Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Back To Normal Kind Of Day

Hello lovely people. And hello to new lovely people. I'm dead chuffed that you've decided to stick around!

So Marc went back to work at the crack of dawn today (Boo). Easter is now behind us.  British Summer Time is upon us. Today it really did feel like Spring. Things went back to the usual routine:

Housework, list making, train track designing, bed making, unloading the dishwasher, loading the dishwasher, feeding animals, feeding children, saying "No," and " Maybe," and "It will wear out the batteries if you leave that on," muttering under ones breath about towels left on the floor, clothes washing and what not. It was full steam ahead so that I could do a little sneaky gardening.

And then...

Olly had his first proper fall  - from the top of the climbing frame to the bottom. I think he must have bitten down on his lip, because there was so much blood! He was covered. I was covered. Alfie was covered. There was snot and tears and tissues and wailing and thrashing about. Olly was clinging onto me so tightly that I couldn't do anything practical, such as stemming the flow of blood or looking to see if he had lost any teeth or bumped his head. Alfie also has a bit of a blood phobia, so didn't cope with the whole episode too well. How do you comfort two distressed children at the same time, when they are distressed about different things? (Answers on a postcard please).

I always amaze myself when these kinds of incidents arise. I am calm and composed. I am zen. It's incredible really, because lately I've been no use to man nor beast in just about any given situation whatsoever. Honestly. I'm completely ridiculous at the moment. Ask anyone. They'll say "Oh no no she's a star!" and then when I've gone into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, they'll turn to you and say "Help. She's a nightmare..."

Poor Olly fell asleep while I was comforting him. He had one final snotty sniff and then zonk. I think the trauma of it all wore him out. Alfie washed his hands a la Lady Macbeth, and went out to play. I was left wondering how thick the lip would be when Olly woke up, and more importantly, what kind of mood he would be in. Amazingly the lip didn't swell and he was rather chipper.

So we went out  for a few hours. Over the Towans. It was sunny and warm. I have the freckles to prove it. Olly and I had a glorious time running with the dogs, finding Granny feathers and soaking up the rest of this lovely day. We came home at the same time as Alfie, who was red of cheek and smelt of outdoors. Sam had finished his revision for the day, and was watching documentaries on his latest obsession. North Korea.

And so normal service has been resumed in the Paxton household.

What's normal for you and yours?

Leanne xx


  1. Aww, hugs to all of you. That must have been hard. I hate when my kids get hurt. Good for you being so calm and collected!

  2. Poor Ollie and what a shock for you too! I envy your walk on the Towans, wasn't it cold?
    Sarah x

  3. Oh poor Ollie! I am glad a trip to A&E was not in order.

    Just a couple of weeks ago Angus fell head first down the steps by our front door and grazed his eyebrow. It bled lots and but thankfully it looked worse than it was. But the next day his eye was swollen almost shut and he looked like a boxer. People were staring. Nursery filled out an "accident in the home" form. Hideous, hideous.... x