Wednesday, 3 April 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 17/52

Well hello to you all, especially lovely new people who have clicked "join this site." Literally thrilled, I can't deny it. A bakers dozen!! And I love cake too, isn't that uncanny?!


 I should say at this point that my head has been all over the place. Up and down like a yo yo. It may have even turned 360 degrees at some point. I've been great to be around. Especially if you like living with a pre-menopausal slightly deranged woman, who shuffles about the house muttering about seeds and losing the plot because the duvet and pillows weren't arranged just so, I'm your girl.

Seriously does this happen to every woman in their forties? I don't accept that I'm the only one having barmy moments; bursting into tears for no other reason than the towel has been hung over the rail like that instead of like THAT and having a bit of an OCD battle with shampoo and bubble bath. I have been a cow. A real honest to goodness cow. Ask Marc. Actually no. Don't ask him. (Floodgates and all that).

Yesterday I woke up and felt completely sane and rational. That one week in the month when I am me. The real me. Not the Linda Blair me. I can look at my behaviour subjectively, and am alarmed at what I see. How do get back to me full time? Hmmm. A trip to the doctor it is then.


So onto the happy. Four simple things that have made me smile. Having read the above, you'd be forgiven for thinking that I no longer saw happy. That's why I'm committed to the happy post. Sometimes the happy plops in your lap and looks up at you all wide eyed and cute. Other times you have to really look for the happy, because it could be hiding anywhere (hiding from a telling off and a lecture about the science of furniture at right angles from this wild eyed monster, I suspect).

Anyway as always joining in with the fabulous Jen and Gillian, here is this week's worth of happy things.


I am lucky enough to live in  place where the sun rises at one end of Porthmeor Beach and sets at the other. It really is a sight to behold, and this was snapped on my phone yesterday as I drove past with the boys. I stopped the car, leaned out of the window and got this. Beautiful. There's something about a sunset that makes me aware of the infinite majesty of the universe. It makes me feel humble. And lucky that I can see and appreciate this spectacle every day if I wish. 


Not so much Easter or the eggs. The boys were given eggs. I delivered them to their bedroom doors and sort of thrust them at them. And Olly had what was probably the world's most lame egg hunt. Easter was more about the St Ives Judo Course. Alfie participated, and was double graded! Two green tabs to go on his orange belt. The boy did good!

National Gardening Week

Packets of seeds always make me happy. Gardening makes me happy. Buy some seeds and scatter them liberally between 15th and 21st of April. You might just be surprised with the results!

Paul Weller - Wildwood

Otherwise known as 'The Modfather'. My idol. There have been many copies, but only one original. (Please don't go on about how Lennon was the original. I know he was the original original). I have been humming this song to myself for the past couple of days. A song about hope. A song that moves me. A song that makes me smile. If you've never heard of him or this most marvellous of songs, please, I urge you, listen to it now. Close your eyes and let the magnificence of it wash over you. And then go out and buy everything he ever did. This man could change your life. (Not really. But he had a huge influence on mine)

And that was the happy. Here's to more happy this week.


Leanne xx


  1. Lovely blog and great positivity!

    I feel my misery compliments your happy perfectly lol x

  2. Loving your writing. Have you read the woman who went to bed for a year! Probably not the best idea with your busy life but it will make you smile xx

    1. I have read it for my book group, Linda. I love Sue Townsend's writing. Adrian Mole still makes me laugh out loud.

      Leanne xx

  3. Your posts make me smile! I do like the way you write.

    I am sorry you feel up and down and generally all over the place. I have days (ahem, weeks) like that. I suspect lots of people do but no-one ever says anything because we all have to pretend how HAPPY we are all the time and how perfect everything is. Anyway. great happy things. Well done to Alfie. :-)

    1. Gillian,

      As my Dad used to say "life is not a bowl of cherries." I never really understood what he meant when I was younger. I have more understanding now!

      Leanne xx