Sunday, 17 March 2013

Now We Are Three


Happy Birthday Olly Pops. Today you are three.

You are awesome!

You had a lovely day.
The sun was shining.
There were balloons and presents.
There was cake.
There were sand dunes and hide and seek.

I think three must be about the best age to be. Old enough to stride out wearing your big boy pants, and take on the world. Young enough to be carried back home by Daddy.

You've turned our world upside down. But our family wasn't complete before you came along.

You were the third of three of the best presents I have ever had.

Love you Pops.

Mummy xxx


  1. Love his face when he is opening his presents. Glad you had a fab day xxxx

  2. Love the smiles and the giggles and the rugby video :).Hilary xx

  3. Happy birthday, Olly! I'm glad he had a wonderful birthday. He is so adorable. I love that age. That first picture with his big brother is so cute!

  4. Yay!Yay!and thrice YAY!
    I have found you .. After deleting my list of over 50 blogs I kept thinking about yourlovely little bit of Blogland and thought I would never find it among the millions out there in Cyberspace. Then up you popped. I am so pleased. Sadly deleting my blogs was just a part of a disastrous weekend. We were due for a special weekend with my brother and on Thursday I was struck dow with a horrible stomach virus. Travelling further than the bedroom would have been impossible. I was sooooo disapointed I can not tell you. I had even saved some extra pennies for the lovely shops. So I shall enjoy your pictures even more now!
    Because we spend a lot of time travelling and my brothers cottage is rented in the summer it will be a while ..ahhh!
    Happy Birthday to Ollie and again I am glad I have found your blog again
    Love Linda

  5. Happy Birthday to Ollie!
    Sarah x

  6. You are right, three is a lovely age. Old enough to communicate but young enough to still be little. Happy birthday to Olly, he is a gorgeous little boy. x