Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Seasonal Varieties

Porthmeor Tuesday 29th January 2013


Porthmeor Wednesday 30th January 2013

As a child growing up in Bristol, a penniless student in Leeds and a nine to fiver living in London the weather was pretty incidental in my life. I never had the appropriate clothing for rain, wind or shine. I used to borrow scarves and hats. I would sit and swelter in jeans during summer. I would freeze in flimsy tops in winter. I gave up on umbrellas, because I got fed up with wrestling them into submission every time one was required. I ran for buses or tube stations in the rain with my bag over my head. I didn't own a proper grown up coat until I was thirty. I don't recall being particularly aware of the changing seasons. In my memory it was always sunny as a child, it was always windy as a student and it was pretty grey when I was a commuter. 

It's only since living in St Ives that I have come to fully appreciate our wonderful British weather. And I think that this appreciation comes down to the proximity of the sea. Yes it is completely vile doing the school run in a torrential downpour. But when the sun is shining the view of the bay from the playground is stunning. The sea is an awesome spectacle when it is broiling and whipped up by the wind. It lashes the beaches spilling foam and dumping exquisite objects in the form of shells and pebbles, seaweed and driftwood. By contrast, the colour of the sea on a sunny day is mesmerising. It is the deepest azure blue. It laps the shore with a beguiling welcome, and beckons you in. 

The weather changes day by day, and I have learned to go with the flow. So these days, I love all types of weather. I love the lashing wind and rain. I love the freckle popping sunshine. I love the bitter cold and frost. I love the promise of snow, and it's elusive presence. I have also acquired an abundance of appropriate clothing. I have several jackets and coats, hats, scarves, gloves, boots and wellies. The weather can do it's worse - I am always prepared. 

I still don't have any truck with umbrellas though.

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  1. you see I DO read your blogs! Fab pictures x