Thursday, 6 December 2012

Up the hill

I didn't fancy doing the ironing this morning. Actually I never fancy doing it.

So off to Trencrom, and this time Olly and me walked to the top. It was a shame that it was a dull day, but to be able to see from one side of Penwith to the other is always spectacular. My camera is not very fancy, but if you look closely you can just make out St Michael's Mount.

It was very windy and chilly. We played aeroplanes, jumped around the boulders that are perched at the top of the hill. We saw some rabbits too, which Olly was very excited about.

And the sunset this evening was amazing. I had to lean out of Alfie's bedroom window, lift the camera into the air and just click!!

Off to watch Kirstie. Have a relaxing evening. xx

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