Sunday, 11 November 2012

Atlantic View

It really has been a relaxy weekend. With a bit of moving furniture, cooking disasters, purchasing a new telly and dicussions of A Level choices thrown in. The boys have spent some time with their Dad, and I have spent some time on my own. It's all good.

Today's photos are from the coastal footpath from Man's Head to Clodgy Point. Just me and Honey, and the ever-present sound of the sea. It's a beautiful noise. I find staring out to sea a real mood leveller. It is vast and ancient. The sea puts me in my place.

Not long ago I re-read 'The Sea, The Sea' by Iris Murdoch. She portrays the sea as malevolent and frightening, full of monsters and secrets. I have always been in awe of it's power and mystery, but never frightened by it. I respect it, yes, for me the sea reminds me that life is fleeting. A moment. It will be pounding against the rocks long after I'm gone.

Olly is tucked up in bed. I am curled up under my granny crocheted blanket.

Roll on Antiques Roadshow!

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