Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Get Happy


Very tired. Therefore.

Very teasy.

And teary.

And also weary.

I feel grey.

The world outside looks grey.


No colour.


I cast about for thing that make me happy.

Not. The. Obvious.

Children. Husband. Family. Health. A roof over my head.

Just Today's Stuff.

That makes me smile.

Or laugh (tee hee).

To remind me that.

The weary.

And the teary.

Are worth it.

I love Amazon. I love my book group. I love a good psychological thriller. This morning, my lovely postie opened my front door and called "Post on the stairs!" There was the brown parcel from Amazon. I ripped the perforated section to reveal the above. Thank God book group is still a week away. I can't wait to get started on them both later this evening.

My first cuttings from the garden. One is a bit droopy, it's true, but the others are hanging in there. One already has new growth. Yay! Even though the garden is looking unkempt at the moment, this sight in the greenhouse makes me smile, and encourages me to take more cuttings and get out there and prep for next year.

A recent collection of flotsam, that Olly and I have picked up. I like to think of it as my School Display Table. A a youngster at Parson Street Primary School in South Bristol, I loved pet corner. But what I really loved was the display table. It could be all red things. Or Harvest Festival things. There was usually some sorry looking teasels in a jug that had probably been found lurking at the back of the stationary cupboard. I'm not sure that my family 'get' my intepretation. I'm buying gourds for it tomorrow. That'll confuse them.

I bought this picture for Marc for his birthday. It's a happy picture. Sea side drawn by a child. Except that it's not. It's by an adult. The seaside still brings out the child in all of us though, don't you think?

Olly is having a nap through that open door. I have peace and quiet. I reclaim this space as my own for a little. He'll be awake soon. Alf will be home from school. There will be toys and noise and tea to cook. But for now, I'm sat at that table pootling away on this computer. I always appreciate and cherish this time.

The wondrous Hydrangea. Mum gave me these yesterday. Magnificent. Green. Alive.

My bedroom. With ironing on the bed, ready to be put away. Well it's not like I live in a Interiors magazine. I'm a busy woman. Those pillow cases could do with straightening out a bit, too. And don't get me started on the drawer knobs.... My bedroom is calm and restful. Filled with light on even the dullest of days. Cosy in the evenings. I can't wait to crawl under the duvet later. With my book and a cup of tea.





All bad.

When you look at it.

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  1. Lovely blog - I think you may even get Columbia!