Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Grow Your Own

At the moment I am stock piling bulbs with which to plant out in the next week or so. Today I bought some more Daffs and Fritillery bulbs. Two more plants on my list. I have high hopes for a lovely Spring border full of colour and scent, and most importantly food for emerging pollinators. My plan is to involve Olly in the planting process. Hopefully he wont dig them back up again!

I have also collected my first seeds from the garden. The Cosmos are still flowering, but there are seed heads among them now. I have set myself a challenge to propagate from my own garden. Collecting these seeds and putting them in an envelope is the first step towards this. I felt a wave of pleasure when I lifted these seed heads and sprinkled the seeds into an envelope. It has given me a little more confidence to life and seperate next Spring, and to take cuttings from other plants. Who knows? I may be opening my 'Olly & Me' plant nursery next year after all!

The sun was shining is St Ives today, and after Fat Club (which didn't go as expected) and a mooch through a busy Fore Street, Olly and me took Honey for her walk. Poor Honey. Her walks happen at whatever time fits in with us. This means that she is never sure whether she is going out or staying put. Honey is our 6 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She is a beautiful ruby coloured girl, with huge eyes and the prettiest face.

Alfie has been bombarded with homework since starting Year 6. The SATs have a lot to answer for. This evening his challenge was to make up poems to help him remember the dates of the Tudor Kings and Queens. He is already stressed out with homework, and tired when he comes home from school. This in turn is making him even more teasy than usual around the house. It results in more arguments, more mediation and bad tempers all round. I don't remember having homework when I was in my last year of Primary school. Do you think that amount of homework is necessary?

Olly sat at the table with us, and did some homework of his own. His first proper picture. It has pride of place in the kitchen.

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