Wednesday, 1 August 2012

All She Wants Is

Did you know that you can order Ladybirds in the post?

I have neglected my greenhouse terribly. The veg is looking oh so sorry for itself. And who can blame it? It's not that I've fallen out of love with it, but my attention has been elsewhere. I promise to be more on it next year, although I have decided to go all out flower sowing for sumptuous displays throughout next year. I lust after a cutting garden, 'cause who knew that the little posies I bring into the house could give me so much joy. The greenhouse needs to look beautifully full and fecund again. I will plant loads of tomatoes, cues, peppers, chillis, aubergines, salad leaves and all other suggestions kindly received.

I have plans to grow veg in pots, trail honeysuckle over the chicken coop (still not arrived), swathes of Lavender, herbs a go-go, create two new borders, build a potting station (yes really), finally sort out the border by the plum tree (bigger, with shrubs), install topiary and enter the St Ives garden competition. Train my sweet peas properly, bug houses erected, those bloody water butts installed, a couple of Camellias maybe....

A tall order, but Olly is ever growing. Before I know it he will be three. He may start going to nursery. I may have more time on my hands. At any rate, he should stop picking what he shouldn't by next year. One day my garden will be amazing.


  1. All sounds fantastic, hopefully I'll get to see it when in full bloom? Keep posting, love reading it Xx