Thursday, 21 June 2012

So we all know it's raining. And it's June. And it's nearly Wimbledon.

How about you all come round to mine, and we'll pretend it's a balmy afternoon. The bees are buzzing, there is a slight breeze. We are all decked out a la Great Gatsby. High tea has been served - little sandwiches - egg and cress for me please - cute little petit fours on a pretty cake stand. I'm sipping a Pimms. What are you having?

Olly and me ventured outside for a while. We had to. I couldn't vroom with the cars anymore....

Do you like my birthday present?

We did see a load of long tailed tits in the tree. They were very noisy.
I've a 'lizagne' cooking in the oven. Comfort food.............

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