Monday, 25 June 2012

Nosey Parker

Since I've started pootling around in my garden, I have been peering over the walls and peeking through the gates of other people's gardens. This is my favourite so far. It's not a huge garden, but I love the way it's crowded with plants seemingly placed at random. It is beautiful, and I'd love my garden to be this full of colour and glory one day.

The garden smells gorgeous too. As you walk past, the scent of roses and lilies hit you, and make you stop in your tracks. You smell the garden before you see it. The lady that owns the garden is happy to take cuttings for you and she also sells plants that she has propagated herself. "Just pop the maoney through the letterbox!" I love the idea of sharing the love of your garden with others.

At the side of the house is an oasis of calm. I was tempted to sit down at the table with Honey and enjoy the evening sunshine.

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