Thursday, 14 June 2012


So I have finished this month's official (and unofficial) Book Group books. Quite an unusual pairing, I think you'll agree. You'd be surprised at who chose which, but then I always knew Ms Paramour was like an iceberg....

Thank you FOSS
 I had a fiction lull while I consumed - quite literally - gardening and plant books. I have found that the Friends Of Stennack Surgery have an amazing selection of donated gardening books. In fact most of them are now on my bookcase on the "hobby" shelf. Husband's Betty & fishing books will soon be relegated to the "Miscellaneous" shelf which houses 'The Civil War' and 'Colston's Girls' School - The First 100 Years' amongst others.

A thing of beauty etc..
I love my bookcase. I persuaded husband after about four years of debate, that we (I) would be better served by putting our books in a different part of the room. It would make the room seem wider, create a point of interest and fill a space that served no purpose, other than a space that got on my nerves.

Two things: I am quite anal & a bit addicted to home & lifestyle magazines. It all started innocently enough when I first moved to St Ives into a house that I didn't like, but being pregnant couldn't be bothered to do anything other than lie on the sofa watching Friends. A year later, and I've bought my first magazine to give me some inspiration. I didn't necessarily want the ubiquitous seaside look (although it does seem to creep up on you) and had dreams of an all white chic Scandi/French type abode.

And there it was, my dream home in beautiful muted shades and eclectic furniture found in skips, auctions or inherited looms. I was hooked, and thus my bookcase also has a shelf devoted to my ongoing collection of various titles. There are also boxes of them in the loft, but they are well hidden so husband doesn't have a blue fit when he calculates how much they may have cost. 

My bookcase has books by authors that I love. I cherish each book they have written, and although read quite avidly, only the precious few earn a place on the shelves. There's the obvious - Austen, Bronte, Hardy, Lawrence - but then who can blame me for these? I don't think much can top the wonder that is Jane Eyre, Emma or Lady Chatterley's Lover. I have a passion for Helen Dunmore, Joanne Harris, Annie Proulx, Ian McKewen & Bill Bryson, and they have all earned a permanent place on the shelves. I urge you to read A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill. Especially if you were taught Chemistry by Mr Moggeridge & Physics by Mrs Perry. It is truly marvellous.

Olly's shelves.
I love my house now, because it is a home. The walls never stay white for long, but that's ok because I have a small tin of paint under the kitchen sink that I use to swiftly touch things up. Olly has only recently stopped pulling my books off of the shelves, since he discovered books of his own. He has his own shelves and I like to organise them too.

It was probably a dog...
My favourite thing is a table that cost seven pounds from 'Second Time Around.' It has chew marks on it, and is pretty knackered. But I love it, and true love lasts a lifetime. As for Scandi/French? Well my bookcase did come from Ikea, is that good enough?                     

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