Thursday, 31 May 2012

I'll Be There For You.....

This is Olly & Briar in a spontaneous display of affection. At two and three, they know who they like and why they like them. Olly likes Briar because when she visits he has a LOT of fun. Briar likes Olly because she has known him since he was born, he has a trampoline and they look for bugs together. (NB the Creature Peeper from earlier post).

This me and my sister in law Karen, who also happens to be one of my closest friends. I sometimes get drunk on a school night with her. We spend a lot of time putting the world to rights. It's very satisfying to know that's what you are.

Norge Nina and Helena. I love and miss them. Helena lives in New Zealand now. Nina is soon to be moving back to Blighty from Norway. However Newcastle is a long way from St Ives. I think this photo was taken during our blue phase.

Aaah Peter. I love him. The funniest person I know. Likes wearing green tshirts. We even have to wear green to his wedding in July.

Book Group. We look like a fun bunch, don't we? We are actually. Look at the fancy dress "come as  a character from book" theme for our Xmas meet. My kind of people.

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