Thursday, 17 May 2012

I spy with my little eye

hideous larvae, esp in the creature peeper
So lately I have been keeping a journal about my garden. I spend a lot of time in it, as Olly is an outdoors type of chap. He doesn't see the point of being in.
He keeps finding things - worms, bugs, a hideous beetle larvae:
I have dabbled with gardening. I even have a greenhouse, although it didn't get used enough.
So Olly and me have been planting seeds, potting on, planting out, staking, weeding, hard landscaping. You name it, we're doing it. And I love it. It's a smallish garden but is crammed with a couple of trees, shrubs, grass, raised beds (thanks Marc), a pond (nature of course), veggie patch, sheds, decking, trampoline & climbing frame.

Getting down to his level has made me appreciate it all the more these past few weeks. So much goes on in my garden every day. It was raining today, and cold. I didn't really want to go outside, preferring to put my relaxy pants on and drink tea. Olly had other ideas. On went the wellies. And we found a frog!! Frogs are cool, and man they can shift. What else? Oh yeah we watched a fledgling blackbird and his mamma. Actually I watched, while Olly rolled a slug around on the slide. He was still fluffy and my heart went out to him as he called in vain to his Mum, while she kept her distance encouraging his independence. Not bad for a rainy Thursday.

While I'm here, buy a Creature Peeper. Olly had one for his birthday. They are too good. That larvae looked even more hideous. But also defenceless, which made me feel sorry for him and put him back n the soil. I hope he's okay.

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